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Natural Body Care

Wild beauty direct from Africa

We are Wild about beautiful skin and Wild about all the untapped natural resources found on the African continent that can unlock the secrets of lifelong gorgeousness.

Wild brings you all the energy, exuberance and bold, bright colours of Africa and mixes it up with a little urban cool to bring sunshine right into your bathroom!

Using only the highest quality oils and the purest ingredients from unique and unusual trees and plants found growing across this vast land we have created a unique range of body butters, soaps and hand creams that are as beautiful to look at as they are fabulous for your skin. The designs draw inspiration from the traditional fabrics of West Africa whilst looking firmly forward to the excitement of new African fashion evolving in the fast growing cities.

By creating Fair Trade opportunities we are helping to empower the men and women of Africa to create a sustainable income from the world around them .With livelihoods linked to the environment there is also the added benefit of helping to conserve for future generations the habitat and wildlife by preventing deforestation and erosion of the land.

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The magic of Africa

Unlocking the botanical secrets of this vast continent can create fair and sustainable trade with its people whilst helping to conserve its natural habitat.     africa

Wild and Kind

Our aim is to be kind to Humans, Animals and the Environment.

Our Values

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